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Moving Violation Enforcement Solutions

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Together with our Technology Partner - iTrack LPR, i-RIS (a division of Emergency Extreme) provides innovative Moving Violation Enforcement Solutions and Mobile in-vehicle LPR Systems for both Traffic/Law Enforcement and Private Security Entities.

The recently developed in- car application is a simplified client -app, with a large easy to use Graphic User Interface (GUI) to be used in in-car displays. 

The in-car GUI has two main screens:  

The PLATES screen shows a record of the number plates read with a "snap shot" of the vehicle as well as information such as Time, Date, Direction, Speed and GPS details on the screen overlay.



The ALERT screen is divided into two main sections, namely DETECTION and DETAILS, here details of the sought or "Hot List" vehicle can be perused as to why there is an alert on the vehicle.  




When the system detects a vehicle of interest against the data base, an alert is sent to the DETECTION screen and the user is notified by an audio alarm and visual cue. The notification will continue until the user acknowledges the alert and confirms if the number plate is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.


Detection at night with an IR Illuminator 


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In Vehicle Options:

i-RIS lite LPR

i-RIS LITE comprises of the following:

i-RIS Pro LPR 

i-RIS PRO comprises of the following: